Thursday, 1 August 2013

No Comment Needed

To the Rhondda Leader. RE:- Pentre Primary School Closure
I feel I must write to you to enlighten your readers as to the behaviour of our County Councillors with regards to a member of the public who had permission to speak at the Council Cabinet meeting for Education attended by a number of Pentre Primary Parents and Residents Action Group on Monday 22nd July 2013.

Whilst some of the members sat and listened to each speaker in turn. Many of them decided that when Mr Phil Rowlands stood to speak to Cabinet as chair of the Parents for Pentre Primary Support Group. Mr Rowlands was allowed 5 minutes to put their views and concerns forward. During the time that Mr Rowlands was speaking the chair of the Committee and many others seem to find something amusing and talked and giggled and even sent a note around the assembled group of Councillors like naughty little schoolboys. This continued the whole time that Mr Rowlands was addressing the Cabinet. I wonder if they know what valid points regarding the closure of Pentre Primary they missed. They reminded me of ostriches hiding their heads in the sand and hoping that the world will carry on regardless without any difficulties to them. I think it is time that they are held accountable for the problems in RCT.

Does being in a democratic society allow for rudeness to be the norm? We vote these people onto the council to act on our behalf regardless of the ward they represent they should be there for the people of Rhondda-Cynon-Taf and as such should listen to the voice of the people who are passionate enough to ask permission to speak and gather up the courage to speak to the elected members of this, our council.
Are we slipping back into the days of towing the party line regardless of what happens to the people of our constituencies and it does not matter who we vote in, (as long as we look to be seen as helping the area with a few photo’s in the Rhondda Leader).

I think it is about time the people living in RCT woke up to what our Councillors really do in our name.
Attend a cabinet meeting and sit in the viewing gallery did you know you are allowed to do this? Are our Councillors all afraid to disagree with the chair in case they rock the boat and not welcomed onto the cabinet with the extra cash this gives them to top up their pensions. Did you know that they are paid a small income for their services to us the people of RCT. I say small to those of you who cannot find work or are struggling financially in this present climate it is a fortune.

I am not saying that all the councillors are the same just the majority of labour Councillors who made up the Cabinet on Monday 22nd July 2013. Those who could vote for Chris Bradshaw’s proposals without knowing the area, and agreeing to a safe walk to school on paper, when in reality it is a death walk.
Apart from Mr Phil Rowlands Chair of the Pentre Primary Parents and Residents Action Group. It was the Plaid Cymru Councillors who spoke for the Children of Pentre School and the Community. Apart from Leighton Andrews our AM they are the only ones who have bothered to do their homework and meet the parents. visit the schools and look at the area and distance the children will be forced to walk if they maintain their position and close the much valued Pentre Primary School.

 RD Evans

REMEMBER: It's NOT about surplus places or finances BUT the SAFETY of our CHILDREN!